Learn Spanish

katie and maestrajavier y nina


Whether you are an advanced Spanish speaker or are completely new to the language, we have a curriculum suited for you. You will learn vocabulary and grammar, and get a chance to practice your Spanish with our instructers and other students through a variety of activities and exercises.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

BEGINNER: 1-2 weeks

Numbers and time
Articles, pronouns, and adjectives
Present tense: regular and irregular verbs
Past tense: preterite regular verbs


Past tense: Preterite irregular verbs
Imperfect tense

Possessive adjectives and pronouns
Idioms with “vez”
Future indicative: regular and irregular
“Por” vs. “para”
Verb “ir”

ADVANCED: 5-10 weeks

Direct and indirect objects, combinations of both
Verb “haber”
Perfect tenses
Conditional tense
Subjuntive present, imperfect, and progresive
Perfect subjuntive
Informal “vos”