Can you accommodate different diets? Vegetarian, allergies, or other special needs?

Yes. We always try our hardest to accommodate our students’ needs. Just let us and your host family know what you need. The markets in San Pedro sell many varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, seeds, and grains, so it is possible to accommodate all kinds of diets.

Are classes about Mayan religion, history, diet, etc., and local ecology available?

Absolutely. We have regular class discussions, and hold workshops about these topics on demand.

Are there any traditional sweat lodges, yoga classes, massage classes, etc. in the area?

Yes, there are sweat lodges, yoga, massage therapy, reiki, and other native forms of therapy available as services or instructional classes around the lake.

Do you offer Internet access?

Yes. We offer WiFi at the school, and there are many internet cafes just a short walk from the school that offer internet for less then $1 USD per hour. Skype and headphones are available in most internet cafes.

Do you provide textbooks?

We provide all of the necessary textbooks for the duration of your enrollment at Guatemaya. We only ask that you do not write in the books. Bringing your own Spanish-English dictionary is recommended as it will help you, not only in class, but also in day to day life in Guatemala.

How do we get to San Pedro?

There are many buses from Guatemala City to San Pedro or Panajachal on Lago de Atitlan. You can take the bus directly to San Pedro, or take a bus to Panajachal and then take a passenger boat to San Pedro.

Buses from G.C. to San Pedro leave frequently from 11:30 am to 5:00pm

Buses from G.C. to Pana leave at any time

If you are concerned about traveling to San Pedro from Guatemala City, we can arrange for a family affiliated with our school to pick you up at the airport and take you to the bus station, arrange your ticket, and help you find your bus. This service costs $80 USD per person including bus ticket.

Because there is an increased risk of theft on night buses in Guatemala, if your flight arrives after 4:00 pm we recommend that that you spend the night in Guatemala City and take the bus the following day. We can arrange for our affiliated family in Guatemala City to pick you up at the airport, provide you with accomodations and breakfast, take you to the bus station, arrange your ticket, and help you to find your bus. This service comes highly recommended by other students who have used it. This service costs $80 USD per person including bus ticket.

If your arrival is very late and you don’t want to stay in the capital, you can come to San Pedro in a private taxi. This service is available at any time and the cost is $130 USD, including in the early morning. The shuttle service usually runs in the afternoon, and chicken buses to San Pedro leave starting at 11:30 am.